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Did you know Frida Kahlo actually went the extra mile and used makeup to make her natural mustache even darker. She gave no fucks about racist beauty standards and was trying to make you uncomfortable so fuck everyone who’s ever said she would have been prettier if she just did something about her facial hair. 

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I start my mornings convincing myself to open the windows, and let the new air replace the old. To let myself fold the sheets and leave behind all the doubts from yesterday under a well made bed. A freshly brewed cup of coffee filling the spaces in between scents of who I am behind closed doors. This is what I leave behind. This is what I go home to.
Keen Malasarte, My mother tells me to make my bed in order to be made as a person, and I think she’s doing me a favor. (via lucifelle)

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If you do not have a goal of having kids and getting married then you should not have a goal of getting involved with a partner. If you do have goals of eventually getting married and having kids, but have not yet met other goals you have in life you should not get involved with a partner. They will most likely set you back. Unless a potential partner delivers you the world (not just promises it) and inspires you towards your goals do not give them the time of day.

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