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You would do anything for them. Loving them brings you joy. Just being near them is fun. It’s not the obsessive or needy kind of love you have for them because you have your own life. It’s the genuine and unconditional kind of love. You hope for so long that they’ll realize they care about you too. In the end they make a fool of you and the worst of you comes out.
When it’s over, and for the best, you still want to see them. You have this idea that maybe it isn’t over and maybe they want to see you too. You have this dream that they call you out of the blue wanting to do something fun. All is forgiven. This time you’ll open up to one another. You’ll finally get a glimpse at their soul and how beautiful it can be. You’ll bring out the best in each other and grow together. Unfortunately, it is only a dream. That’s all it will ever be.
You still hope for the best for them and pray for them and the people they care about.
Before long you meet someone else. Someone amazing and you both fall head over heels for each other. They make you seriously wonder why you ever cared about the other person at all!
Even so, you still do care about the other person. You still secretly have that dream.
They’ll never know they ignited a universe within you and made your heart transcend.

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